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The Laziest Cat Breeds

Cats are renowned for their napping habits, with the average feline sleeping between 13 and 16 hours a day. Some breeds, however, take lounging to an entirely new level.

If you’re looking for a companion to share laid back cat breeds with, these cat breeds might be just the ticket. Here are the top 10 laziest cat breeds.


The Laziest Cat Breeds


1. Persian

Persian cats are the epitome of a luxury-loving and laid back cat breeds feline. With their long, luxurious fur and sweet demeanour, these cats are content to lounge on a cushion for hours on end. Their calm temperament means they’re not too inclined to chase toys or engage in high-energy play.


2. Ragdoll

As their name suggests, Ragdolls tend to go limp when picked up, emphasizing their laid-back nature. They love to be close to their humans and will often choose a cozy lap over playtime. Their gentle nature and desire to be close make them perfect lazy companions.


3. Exotic Shorthair

This breed shares a lot of similarities with the Persian, including its lazy tendencies. They’re content to lay beside their owners, enjoying strokes and purring contentedly. Their short hair, however, means they require less grooming.


4. British Shorthair

laid back cat breeds Known for their round faces and dense, plush fur, British Shorthairs are quite content to find a sunny spot and nap for hours. They do have playful moments, but they’re often interspersed with long periods of rest.


5. Scottish Fold

Their unique folded ears might make them look curious, but don’t be fooled. Scottish Folds are lovers of comfort. They’re friendly and social but prefer lounging to active play.


6. Birmans

Birmans are affectionate and will often follow their owners around, not for activity, but usually to find a cozy spot to rest nearby. Their silky fur and blue eyes add to their allure, making them lovely lap cats.


7. Maine Coon

Despite their large size, Maine Coons are gentle giants that enjoy lounging just as much as any other cat. They do enjoy interactive toys and climbing structures, but after a bout of activity, they’re content to sprawl out and snooze.


8. Himalayan

A cross between Persians and Siamese, Himalayans have inherited the lazy gene. They’re known to find a favourite spot in the home, often a high perch, where they can oversee their kingdom while dozing.


9. Chartreux

The muscular and robust Chartreux might look like they’re built for action, but they’re often quite content to just chill out. They’re quiet cats that enjoy peaceful environments, making them great for laid-back households.


10. Burmese

The Burmese cat might have moments of playful energy, especially during their kitten years, but as they mature, many prefer to spend their days lounging and enjoying the company of their human companions.



While all cats have their unique personalities and some individuals might defy breed norms, these breeds are generally known for their love of leisure. If you’re looking for a relaxed feline friend to share lazy days with, consider adopting one of these laid-back breeds.

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Anwar Abdi
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